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Encircle Games is a Norwegian game development company that was founded in 2014.

Our team started with six developers, all with a bachelor degree from Hedmark University College. Our common devotion for playing and making games brought us together, and on our last semester in school, we teamed up to work on our final assignment, an Online Arena Brawler we called Corroded. We all fell in love with the project during school and it felt only natural for us to start our own little indie company to continue the development. In April 2017, after three years in development, Corroded was released on Steam Early Access.

Our main focus is to produce engaging multiplayer experiences and aim to deliver fun and captivating games. Besides from Corroded, we're also working on a new project called Wigged Out.

Encircle Games is part of Hamar Game Collective, a collaborative hub of game developers.



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